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About the IBA and its Certified Adviser title

The Independent Business Alliance (IBA) is a private sector organization that brings together two large, needy and growing audiences: highly skilled and experienced business executives and small business owners in need of assistance to thrive and prosper. 

The mission of the IBA is to make available to small business owners resources which have traditionally only been available to larger or public sector companies: support, information, tools, guidance, advice and hands-on expertise.  The Alliance recognizes and values that small businesses are the backbone of the economy and by making these resources available to today's entrepreneurs, IBA aids in improving their effectiveness as well as the competitiveness, longevity and success of their businesses.

IBA Advisers are all independent business people who have been certified by the Alliance. We have all run or managed businesses and are available to provide relevant, up-to-date and impartial advice that can help business owners solve problems and grow business profitably. This means as an IBA Certified Adviser I have the additional support of a network of colleagues who also have a great amount of general professional experience as well as depth in a variety of specific individual subject matter expertise. 

Under the Business Assistance Program, IBA asks those of us who commit to IBA’s mission and carry the Alliance’s certification, to donate time to meet with local business owners every month just to offer a confidential, objective and experienced perspective to the issues and opportunities they may be facing. The values and culture of the IBA can be summarized as: "Simplifying the complexities of business ownership".

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