Advice For All Seasons

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Over the course of my professional career I have continuously learned, adapted to and been accountable for many diverse functional areas of running a business successfully. This has included leadership positions with multiple Fortune 500 firms all the way down to small private startups. I have been through company bankruptcies, restructurings, mergers, and integrations and have played key roles in leading the evolution and transformation of organizations. Through the nature of these dynamic and diverse business environments, my skills and experience have continuously expanded via exposure to a wide range of responsibilities and complexities. Along this journey I've seen countless strategies, approaches and tactics - many that work...and of course also a healthy share of ones that don't! 


About Advice For All Seasons

Given the types of work I had performed for professional organizations, the idea of setting out on my own had naturally surfaced from time-to-time.  A good portion of those experiences involved work that was either itself consultative in nature or involved working with and managing consultants. But beyond the day-to-day functional responsibilities, and the guidance and mentoring of others, simultaneously I also held general management and leadership accountabilities that involved making business advisory recommendations and strategic decisions to impact the companies at a higher level. 

About Dan

In all I have spent the better part of the last 4 decades involved in business in some capacity. Like many others, as soon as I was old enough I began working for local businesses to earn spending money through high school. Putting myself through college to achieve an undergraduate degree in Business Administration also required consistently having a job. Mine included working for a distribution company, managing a retail food store in a local mall, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door for a franchise, and helping a local bar owner get his business turned around. It was through these experiences that I got my first real taste of management and the many challenges associated with running a business profitably. After heading out into the working world full-time, I decided in addition to working in business during the day I would also go to grad school part-time at night to learn more through the process of earning an MBA.

Business experience spanning 4 decades you can rely on. 

So while I could have hung my shingle out as an independent freelance consultant, I have always been a strong believer in "walking the walk".

If I was going to truly help business owners in the best way possible I felt it was important to share the perspective of their environment as a business owner myself.  By experiencing them first hand, I can better relate to some of the challenges or pain points that come with setting up shop and operating it to achieve success.  It also means I get to enjoy celebrating those successes on a more personal, meaningful level alongside the business owners I help. Being there during the cold, stormy and tumultuous times as well as the bright warm sunny days; through all of the seasons that accompany navigating the chosen course of the business ownership lifestyle.

How Can I Help You?

Here are some of the areas I have helped businesses with:

  • business expansion / relocation
  • succession planning
  • exit strategy options
  • valuation considerations

Sales & Marketing
  • channel diversification
  • ecommerce
  • strategic partnerships
  • product assortment planning
  • process improvement
  • supply chain
  • resource productivity
  • sales support / customer service
  • cash flow improvement
  • operations turnaround
  • expense reduction
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • project management (agile, scrum)
  • digital apps
  • systems expertise and training
Human Resources
  • employee management
  • candidate screening & interviewing
  • productive organizational restructuring